Friday, August 22, 2014

Book and music pairings

Just like some authors like to listen to music to set their mood while writing, and sometimes there's nothing like the perfect soundtrack for reading a book. I was never that great at creating mix tapes or CDs...or playlists these days. If I'm looking for a good playlist of hand-selected, individual songs, I go to my friends Nicole, Doc, or Scott. But I'm pretty good at setting a mood. Here are a few of my favorite genre/mood pairings: 

Anne of Green Gables, contemporary romance novels,  -- Upbeat coffee shop. James Taylor's Greatest Hits, The Carpenters, The Weepies, Shawn Mullins

High fantasy, historical fiction -- something interesting, but instrumental. classical guitar, movie soundtracks, cello solos.

Jane Austen -- classical piano

British detective fiction -- Celtic music (of course! I never said I was all that original), minor-key coffee shop. 


  1. Amanda! Loved this post. (Well, love all your posts.) May I share on the Wilfair blog?

    1. Aw, thanks! And of course you can share!