Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Tuesday list

1. Instagram. You can all stop using it now, because I'm clearly so late to the party that it's gotta be last call. Kidding. Sort of. I did sign up for Instagram last week, and I may be a little enamored.

2. Popcorn. I think it's my friend Tess who doesn't like popcorn? Sad. I've got a big bowl sitting on my desk right now and it's delightful. The downside to having kiddos who often eat really early is that I'm hungry again before bed. The upside to having kiddos who often eat really early is the legitimate excuse for a snack. I love snacks.

3. Camp was fantastic! I had two cabins of hilarious, sweet, sincere, delightful young ladies. New friends, old friends, and I actually got to sleep through the night for a whole week! (sadly, my in-laws did not. Thanks for watching our kiddos Nana and Grandpapa!)

4. The new Needtobreathe album came out (HARDLOVE) and it just gets better every time I listen to it.

5. Anyone else out there ever noticed that there are runners, and there are people who run. And there's a difference. And it has nothing to do with how far or how fast you run.

6. I've picked up a new book -- an actual hardback book, that I got for Christmas -- The Way of All Fish, by Martha Grimes. I'm having trouble getting momentum, mostly because I've only been able to read it in five minute increments. I can tell I'll like it (Martha Grimes, after all), but with her books I tend to need a good hour of solid reading to start off.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love instagram! I know Snapchat is the new thing but I don't do filters. They're too ridiculous. I'll stick with instagram.

    Yes! It's me! Not a popcorn fan. On the day I read this I was actually MAKING popcorn. Kettle corn. It doesn't count because it's sweet but I have to tell you I took about four bites and tossed the rest because...I don't like popcorn. LOL

    As for runners/people that run...YES. Totally. I am pretty sure I was born with the runner gene in me. And my husband runs but he doesn't love it. And I don't care if I race or if I am fast or slow or if I'm not as spectacular as I used to be or "training" or anything. All I care about is the running.

    1. Kettle corn is the best. Except, I'm super picky and spoiled because I used to get it every year at one of those street fair weekends in my hometown, and it was so. good. When I try to make it at home I end up burning it.

  2. I'm also a weirdo who doesn't like popcorn! Actually, I kinda like it, but it makes me sick so I guess it doesn't like me...

    And I totally agree about the runner / people who run thing!