Monday, January 18, 2016

A Monday List

1. I'm craving popcorn at the moment, but I'm too lazy to make some. I make it on the stovetop old-school style because I don't love microwave and don't have an air popper. I settled for some cereal...which is my number two favorite evening snack.

2. Baby sleep, man. It's a rough time in our house. I tend to be a fixer, and it's hard when I can't clearly identify the main problem (probably because there are many factors contributing to the rocky sleep situation). I guess it's just a matter of addressing one thing at a time, and remembering to give things time to work before trying a different tactic.

3. Chocolate.

4. Downton Abbey is back!! I plan to thoroughly enjoy every moment of the last season. Although....I really think they could dial back on the Bates and Anna drama.

5. I really, really, really need to break my no-knitting streak. Partly because I miss it. Partly because I have a gift that's not going to make itself for a baby that's going to show up one day pretty soon. I'm just finding it hard to get back in the groove.

6. I got to see snow last week! I was in Missouri visiting family and it snowed! I may or may not have been compelled to step outside at one point to smell the snow. I've lived in the south too long.

Happy Random Monday, y'all!


  1. It's hard not crafting when you want to! I've been knitting (in part because I'm working on a project for Miss Tess :) ), but in general not spending as much time being creative as I'd like.

    Also, this article was in my feed reader shortly after your blog post and seeing the two together made me laugh :)

  2. 1. I've never craved popcorn but I'll eat it if it's there because I love crunchy things. I don't like it, I just eat it. I also don't like cereal and can't remember the last time I ate it.

    2. I don't sleep. I sympathize. Darn babies. So cute.

    3. Chocolate does sound good. Enjoy.

    4. I've never seen Downton Abbey.

    5. I started a baby blanket for Alex (cross stitching) and finished it when he was twelve. I'll give it to his baby I guess! You'll finish it when you get to it. You're a little busy.

    6. If you need snow, my front yard will share. Though rumor has it DC is going to have a bit...

    1. Tess, you crack me up! Funny fact about cereal: it was the food I craved while pregnant with Matrim. With Christina it was cheeseburgers and fries -- I know we have common ground on that. ;-)